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Legends of Kong An action platformer RPG from Nerdook! Lead your party across a randomly generated city, and play th...
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Enhanced! Sci-fi “run & gun” platformer game. This is a story about enhanced soldiers confrontation. Take...
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Distopix Distopix is a new game using a simple concept. Dodge the boxes to survive. But be careful, there are...
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Effing Fruits Mercilessly throw hordes of fruits into your blender! Then blend, blend, blend, and blend some more!...
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Platcore What is Platcore?! Well Platcore is a platformer/avoid style of gameplay, you play as a Platbot whic...
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Kaboomz 4 Pop the balloons before they leave the screen. Have fun!
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Monster Legions Lead your army against a wide range of enemy soldiers and monsters. Using a card based summon system...
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Cat God vs Sun King 2 Cat God is back for a second battle against the stubborn Sun King and his minions! Destroy the Sun K...
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Run Doggy Run Run, jump or glide to escape angry Bill! Eat to accelerate and try to beat a high score.
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Effing Worms NOW WITH UPGRADES!! Eat shitloads of stick figures playing as gigantic worm. Maybe if you eat enough...
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Super Samurai Sweeper Samurai meets Minesweeper! Defeat the Seven Daimyos and their Shogun, and restore peace to the land!...
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Dig Dig Dig your way into the mine and kill all rodents. Blow up rodents with the space bar.
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Mini Golf Complete all 18 holes in as less strikes as possible.
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Baseball Fun baseball practice game. Click to take a swing at the ball.
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Frog Jumper Get your frog savely to the other side of the river. Jump on objects and do not fall in the water. P...
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Orbular Use your circular paddle to send the ball flying into the opposing bricks! Smashing the bricks lets...
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Ancient Origins{flying fish} Follow fred on a journey across the sea!
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Breach Oldschool style arcade game, set inside a computer. Dodge through viruses that are tearing themselv...
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Headless Havoc You are the Headless Horseman! Ride through the fields decapitating villagers!
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Easter Extinction Happy Easter everyone! This is what happens when Easter try's to steal Christmas's thunder. The elf'...
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